Natural Lavender Essential Oil


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LAVENDER THE AMAZING PLANT – Highly regarded for one of the best essential oils involving skin and beauty, commonly found in fragrances like shampoos because it helps purify the skin. A significant amount of research into Lavender has discovered a link to relief in insomnia, depressions, and irritability. Some research has even found a possible connection that lavender helps with alopecia areata (hair loss).

  • THE BEST FOR CRAFTING – The premium choice for your soaps, candles, or whatever aroma blend you chose to make because it is engineered to always be the truest smell of lavender.
  • NOT JUST A LABEL – Unlike many of the oils being sold that can only offer a different label on the bottle, our oil is unique and sourced from a variety of different reputable farms. We guarantee this will be one of your favorites because of its high quality, 100% purity, and undiluted properties allowing you all the freedom for your purposes.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – All oils sourced are assessed for their odor, appearance, taste etc. as appropriate. Testing also includes the color, clarity, and any foreign materials. Other tests are conducted depending on the exact parameter of the given product.
Natural Lavender Essential Oil


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